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Rum Damoiseau, leader on the Guadeloupean market and the Rum Clement, the emblematic brand of Martinique joined to create a common structure in France.

Called Spiridom, this company assure the distribution and the animation of its brands of rum in France and also has to increase the international diffusion of its rums.

For Hervé Damoiseau, CEO of Rums Damoiseau and Bernard Hayot, Rum Clement's owner, "this association offers to the customers, particularly off-trade, a dynamic and additional offer". It will also be the opportunity to weave direct links between producers and customers and so to follow the evolution of the market and the expectations of the consumers.

This entity which the head office is assured by Nicolas Legendre and Grégoire Gueden aspires to become an important actor of the French market and exports his products in more than 30 countries.

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